How to Make Money Sharing Links on Facebook

How to Make Money Sharing Links on Facebook

How to make money sharing links on facebook

In this post, I am going to discuss how to make money by sharing links on Facebook where you may learn about earning money by sharing and posting links on Facebook.

In the age of modern technology, we cannot think about our daily life without social media, especially Facebook. Now the time, it is part of the human mind. Without knowing how to use effectively those social media we are valued for nothing.

Day by day we are getting dependent on it even though it has a good and bad impact on society. I will show you the ways of getting benefited from Facebook.

Some people say Facebook is killing our time and the young generation is addicted to it. My suggestion is if these addictions are good for you then do it a number of hours a day but you need to follow some tips and tricks step by step which may convert well instead of wicked. Before going through how to make money sharing links on Facebook articles, you should read about how to write SEO friendly blog posts for beginners.

We know, that Facebook is the most popular social media network all around the world that allowed the promotion of blog posts. It has around 2.9 billion monthly active users globally.

The fourth quarter of 2021 had 262 million monthly active users in the United States and Canada. The Statista report says that in 2026, the number of Facebook users in the USA is expected to reach 324.76 million. As many people use this platform of course there are opportunities to make money online from home.

So let’s find out the money-making ideas.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. You have to create here your own online account as well as pages that potentially reflect your social life. They are providing great opportunities to make online at home for your business.

Bellow, I will show some amazing ways to use this Facebook platform for real blogging.

How do I start a blog on Facebook?

On Facebook, There are two ways to blog:

  1. The social channel Facebook post which works best for short posts.
  2. Notes fetchers can be used as blog uses for longer blog posts that are easy to read for your followers.

Often seen, most of the time people share their photos and some unnecessary gossip in their timeline that has no value to them as well as their friends in the network. In that sense, my observation business pages are more formal on FaceBook. To start blogging on Facebook’s platform is simple. No need to have a separate domain, hosting or website to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business.

We recommend, if you do not have an FB page and group please create it with some simple clicks as we are learning how to make money by sharing links on Facebook. Nowadays it is badly needed to promote your business and create a customer community. Here you can find 130+ Best Facebook Groups List Collection which will be helpful to promote your links.

That’s the million-dollar question because you see Facebook as one of the best socialising platforms. Many people also do not think that Facebook can be earning source for a blogger but it is true that now a day’s many bloggers make their dream become true.

How to create a blog and earn money using FaceBook?

As we know, we can make money from Facebook both ways directly and indirectly through an article post.
You can sell your products and services from Facebook without a boost in paid advertisement around your network or across the globe as you may find many big groups that accept auto-approval.

On the other hand, you can do indirect income using your blog post shared via social media.

In addition, If you want to make money using the largest social network in the world, then I think probably WordPress is the best way to make your blog or an e-commerce site. Next post I will show you the step by step guidelines on how to Install WordPress.

How to earn money by sharing links on facebook?

1. Monetize facebook videos:

You can make money directly from Meta. Content sharing from pages and accounts is an important part of Its ecosystem. This company built monetisation tools like Youtube. They provide meaningful, reliable revenue sharing that’s sustainable over time.

We know about four diffrent ways to monetise your content on Facebook:

  • In-Stream Ads
  • Fan Subscriptions
  • Branded content
  • Subscription groups

How to apply?

  1. Go to Facebook section in Creator Studio.
  2. Select the Monetisation tab, then click Overview.

2. Promote affiliate marketing on facebook:

The best way to make money from Facebook is through affiliate marketing. It is the process of earning a commission to promote other people’s company’s products from your affiliate links. I have mentioned here some of top rated affiliated marketers Clickbank, CJ Affiliate by ConversantShareaSale,  Amazon Associates, Ali Express and eBay you may promote their link to your Facebook friends if they buy any products by clicking your links then you will get paid.

3. Sell your own products to make money online:

Why will you sell other people’s products?. You can start selling your own products in online. It is a digital marketplace where you can trade your objects in your location similar to anything buy and sell services.

We know about Amazon, eBay and Craigslist have been offering similar services for years. Facebook launched this essential business service and they never charge any percentage of what you earn through your shop section.

4. Promote your business locally facebook:

I think every small business should be connected with social media in particular with Facebook. As a result, you can easily reach the potential targeted customers via Facebook to grow your business.

5. Earn money by selling FaceBook page and groups:

A few days back, I have seen an advertisement that a California based tech company selling their Facebook page which has millions of fans. Nowadays FB ID, Pages and Group sales are open secrete. Even though, Meta says we do not allow people to sell site privileges on Facebook.

6. Benefits of sponsored posts on facebook:

Some people also earn money from sponsored posts. It’s simple, for example, you have some big Facebook fan page, group or even own FB ID where connect with millions of fans. The business owners may ask you to promote their products. 

7. Make money with google adsense on facebook:

If you get 500 to 1000 viewers than average you may get 5 clicks per day and monthly clicks will be 5*30 = 150 clicks. If your average CPC for ads served on your site is $0.20

So, you will earn $0.20*5=  $1 a day. That means $30 a month. USD 30* BDT 85 = Tk. 2,550 which is not bad for the beginner. If you like to increase your earnings from Adsense then you need to increase quality traffic.

8. Facebook’s group or page admin or moderator:

At present celebrities and big companies, owners are also launching their own Facebook accounts, page or a group through Facebook experience people.

On the freelancer website, you may find many jobs for Marketing assistants on the Facebook platform and Social media experts for online shopping. Presently, many companies looking for their group or page admin or moderator. You may find tons of jobs online like Upwork.

Moreover, nobody trusts you if you post a business status from a fake account as known it is not allowed on Facebook authority too. Furthermore, most likely 20 to 30 percent of total Facebook Accounts are fake and most of the fake accounts are created under the name of Girls. If someone created an account pretending to be one of your friends, please ask them to report it to the Facebook help team.

As a result, create an original Facebook identity including About Info, Work, Education, Current City, Hometown, profile pictures and post it publicly respectively your timeline, pages, various groups and messenger along with sending messages based on past conversations and what you know about a friend. Keep the significant conversations and then stay in touch with them. So that, your business will be promoted to your friends to grow your income.

In consolation, I have tried to give you some amazing tips on how to make money by sharing links on Facebook, How can I earn money by sharing posting links on Facebook, and make money posting links for companies. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you to make money on Facebook. Keep in mind, that social media may be part of the strategy but not the whole strategy to make money online.

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